Why choose DICC?

NSE-Certified Teachers

We do have NSE Certified Teachers and Traders who do have more than of 10 years of experience in the stock market.

Live Trading Sessions

We provide live-market trading sessions and show you profit booking trades in live market & also let you know the technical behind it.

Small Batch Size

In order to have individual attentions to each students, we make small size of batches i.e normally of 6 to 7 students only

Free Software Worth 80k+

We provide software & tools of stock market and also let you know how to use these softwares during live market.

7 Industry NSE Certifications

We also provide NSE Certifications and other industry-specific certifications to our students after examination.

Rating 4.8/5 in Google

We do have lots of positive ratings, feedback, and online reviews from our students and we are one of the top-rated institute in Google.

100% Placement

We provide 100% Placement assistance to our students if they are looking for Jobs in any of the broking houses in India.

Weekday/Weekend Batches

We provide both weekdays and weekend batches. So, even if you are working you can join us on saturday/sunday or only sunday basis.

E-books and Tutorials

We also provide E-books and Tutorials of stock market so that you can learn by yourself whatever we are teaching practically.

Competitive Prices

For the same 20 stock market modules, other institutes are charging more than 50 thousands but here at DICC we are charging only INR 35,000/-.

Get Stock Tips Free

We also provide free stock tips to our students with the course, so that they can start earning during the course itself.

Free Demat Account

We also provide free Demat Account with the course so that our students start trading during the course itself.


Module 1: Overview of stock market

In the First Module we will be teaching you as the basic of stock market as what are shares, different types of stocks, initiating trades on software, understanding contract note, different trading patterns, bullish and bullish, short selling and so on. In this module we will create your foundation for Indian Stock Market..This Module will make your base strong.Read More!

Module 2: Equity Anaysis

In this module of Equity Analysis, Get complete understanding about the equity market and how to do proper research, corporate valuation and investment in the equity market. Also learn as how to measure the intrinsic value of shares by examining the various economic, political, financial and other qualitative and quantitative factors.Read More!

Module 3: Derivative Analysis

Derivative analysis in Indian stock market plays a vital role to eliminate risk of a change in the price of the stock. Derivatives are similar to options or futures and basically they are the financial contracts. In this module learn about the derivatives, future and option contracts, put call ratio analysis, exotic derivatives and so on.Read More!

Module 4: Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is one of the most effective things that can bring most profitable results for any investor. So in this module, we are covering the chart and patterns, trend analysis, support and resistance levels, Fibonacci Levels, Hedging, and Gaps Trading Strategy and many other things..Read More!

Module 5: Option Analysis

Options trading courses at DICC are well equipped with the latest trends in the market and we provide future option training using various software, charts and patterns. This module will include the things such as introduction to future and option, future contracts, hedging strategies, margin money, currency futures and many more.Read More!

Module 6: Commodity Analysis

We have designed a commodity trading course on the basis of technical, derivative, fundamental, future and option platforms. We use completely scientific and logical approach to initiate trades in the stock market and that’s what we will teach you in our course. This module will enhance your knowledge about commodity market.Read More!

Module 7: Forex Analysis

Delhi Institute of Computer Courses (DICC) has designed the Forex analysis course for those who are interested in making money through forex trading. The concepts of forex trading will include price action trading analysis, designing forex trading plan, Forex Trading Strategies etc. Get Complete Understanding about different Currencies of World.Read More!

Module 8: Arbitrage Analysis

The demand for highly qualified and professional arbitrageurs is increasing day by day as it is one of the risk-free trading platforms. Most of the brooking houses and investment companies today looking for trained and professional arbitrageurs, but unfortunately there are only few professional arbitrageurs in India today.Read More!

Module 9: Portfolio Management

We already do have several years of experience in managing portfolios of our clients. In this module, we will be sharing our experience of portfolio management and will be teaching as how to professionally handle the portfolio, what sorts of stocks should be included in portfolio and how to trade on these stocks etc..Read More!

Module 10: Live Trading

In this module, we are going to provide some live exposures and live experiences in the stock market. We will provide you the exposure of 1 Crore rupees for virtual trading. Just show us as how you trade with this much exposure. Calculate your ratio of profit after learning the all the above modules.. Virtual Trading will provide you practical exposure..Read More!

Module 11: Intra-day Trading

Intra-day trading refers to buy and sell the stocks on the same day during the trading hours i.e. 9:30- 3:30. In this module we will teach you as how to choose stocks for intra-day, vital intra-day charts and indicators, intra-day trading tips and how to make profits in Intra-day trading..Read More!

Module 12: Gann Theory

Gann Theory is quite famous theory and many a times proves to be vital in the stock trading. Gann indicators are still quite a popular analysis tools to perfectly analyse the key elements including the price, pattern and time. The trendlines in Gann theory helps us to forecast support & resistance levels, strength of direction & the timing of tops and bottoms.Read More!

Module 13: Elliot Wave

Elliot wave theory predicts the stock market on different wave patterns and thus one can analyze the stock market if maximum number of wave patterns moves in one or same direction i.e either providing buying or selling signals. In this module we will be covering topics such as predicting market based on waves, patterns recognition and Fractals, Theory of Interpretation etc.Read More!

Module 14: Dow Theory

Dow Theory live application in the market and its complete understanding will be covered during this module. All the major components of Dow theory such as The Market Discounts Everything, three kinds of market trends, Primary trends have three phases, Indices must confirm each other,Volume must confirm the trend etc will be covered during this module of stock market..Read More!

Module 15: Advance Option Greek

Advance Option Greek Module will be covering all the advanced option strategies that if you would apply properly, you will be able to manage risks and can make more profitable trades. Whether the market is bullish or bearish, up or down, sideways or flat, you can use these advance option Greek strategies in any kind of circumstances. This module will take your option trading skills to a much higher level.Read More!

Module 16: Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis course offered by DICC will enable the students to evaluate a security that measure the intrinsic value of shares by examining the different economic, political, financial and other qualitative & quantitative factors. Our course will complete the study of everything including different micro and macro economic factors. It will also include individual case studies of different equity shares.Read More!

Module 17: Industry and Sector Analysis

This is refers to the group of companies that nearly operates in the same segment of an economy or share some similar business patterns. Many a times, in the stock market the same groups or industry or sector behaves in the same manner. Learn as how to properly categorize the different companies in a particular industry or sector. By dividing an economy into different groups allows the investors for in-depth analysis of the economy as a whole.Read More!

Module 18: Balance Sheet Analysis

It is the balance sheet of a company that indicates the financial condition of it and it is also an integral part of financial statements. Balance sheet analysis provide you a snapshot of a company’s financial position. It tells you how much companies owns and how much these companies owes (the liabilities). Balance sheet analysis is also a vital part of study on the basis of which we can decide to invest.Read More!

Module 19: Economic Analysis

The complete global economic analysis provides to in-depth analysis as how the market behave in present and also offers different methods for attempting to predict the behaviour of the market in the future on the basis of trends, events and cycles. It is also vital to analyze the financial standard of a nation or state and we can design a strategy according to the complete global economic analysis.Read More!

Module 20: Crypto-Currency Analysis

In this module we will be letting you know as how you can trade in the different crypto-currencies of the world such as Bitcoion, Litecoin, Etherium, Ripple, Dash, Monero etc. In the current market these crypto-currencies or virtual currencies are moving at a rapid pace and different technical analysts and investors are looking towards these currencies as they might be the future of the currency..Read More!

Module 21: Understanding International Markets

In this module we will be covering the international markets and its impact on Indian Market. We will also let you know how to trade in international markets and also how to trade between indian and international markets.Read More!

Module 22: Risk and Money Management

In this module of risk management, we will teach how you can reduce risk on your investment and how you can maximize profits. We will be letting you know about different hedging strategies that will reduce to risk and help you to initiate profitable trades from the market.Read More!

Module 23: Using Technical Software and Tools

In this module, you will be learning about different software and tools of stock market that we use to find out levels of stocks, commodities or currency. We will teach you how to successfully operate those sotware and tools to get more profits from the market.Read More!

Module 24: Creating Strategy From Scratch

In this module, we will teach you how to create successful stock market strategies and we will also execute them in live market. We will also ask our students to use those strategies in their virtual portfolios so that they would have live trading experience.Read More!